Payback Time is your source for building wealth and achieving financial freedom.

There are four major educational outputs on this website:

1) Podcast Interviews
FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). Dream or Reality? The purpose of the Payback Time podcast is to inspire listeners to create leveraged or recurring income that can ultimately make financial independence a reality. If you have achieved financial independence or are well on your way to achieving financial independence, then you have a story to tell. We break down the steps required to generate leveraged income including but not limited to stock investing, online business, traditional business, and real estate. Each episode breaks down the mistakes made, victories achieved, and the overall journey that led to where you are today. Do you want to retire early? Do you want to provide more for your family? Do you want to pay for your child’s education? Do you want to travel more? Do you want financial freedom? This podcast will streamline your learning curve.

2) Financial Planning
I offer financial planning services where I provide the EDUCATION + TOOLS to help you achieve your financial goals.  If you want to SAVE MONEY and invest on your own, this is perfect for you.  If you want to simply match the market and earn 6% to 8%, great!  If you want to learn how to beat the market and earn 15% to 50%, I can help you achieve that as well.

3)  Blog
The blog features some of the ON SALE and OVERPRICED stocks you’ll find within TYKR.  The posts we write are short and sweet!  Within 60 seconds you can quickly understand if a stock is a wise investment or a poor investment.

4) Courses
We will be releasing courses focused on helping you manage your own investments.  These courses will break down how to reduce risk, save money, and invest confidently.  Stay tuned…