Financial Planning

We offer financial planning services where we provide the EDUCATION + TOOLS to help you achieve your financial goals.

This is a coaching service.  We do not mange your money for you.  We believe it’s more important for you to take control of your money and maximize your investment returns.  You will SAVE MORE and you’ll put yourself on the path to EARLY RETIREMENT.


✔ How to reduce risk and remove the fear of investing

✔ Best long-term investment strategies

✔ How to invest $10,000

✔ Which is best for me?  Mutual Funds, Index Funds, or ETFs.

✔ Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA

✔ Best online brokerage for you (and how to set it up)

✔ How to invest $100,000 (Safely)

✔ How to earn between 15% and 50% in the stock market

✔ How to improve your credit score

✔ How to remove debt WITHOUT giving up the “fun” in life

✔ How to invest your first $1,000

✔ How to create a budget (and stick to it)

✔ How to calculate when you will retire

✔ How to retire early (step-by-step guide)

✔ How to save for a large purchase (house, child’s education, etc)