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1) Purpose
The purpose of the Payback Time podcast is to inspire listeners to create leveraged or recurring income that can ultimately lead to financial independence. If you have achieved financial independence or are well on your way to achieving financial independence, then you have a story to tell. I will ask questions that guide listeners through your journey. We’ll touch on some of your challenges faced as well as some of the victories you achieved. This is meant to be a casual, low pressure, fun conversation that will provide a roadmap for others. Overall, I ask you to be real, be honest, and most importantly, have fun.

2) Requirements
Not everyone is qualified to be interviewed on the Payback Time podcast. Establishing leveraged or recurring income is difficult. If you have established leveraged income or are well on your way to establishing leveraged income, then you are qualified! My audience wants to know how you did it.

We’re all taught through traditional education to trade time for dollars. We get an education so we can work a job or provide a service until we reach our 60’s or 70’s. As you and I understand, income may be generated from sources that DO NOT require our time.

3) Transparency with Numbers
I do ask that you provide some transparency with numbers. I will ask how much your services or products cost. We need to provide the listeners with hard data they may use as a benchmark.

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