In 2015 I wrote a book on the subject of time management for small business owners.  The book essentially teaches business owners how to generate a lot more revenue in significantly less time and this book was modeled after my own success as an IT consultant.  The highlight of this process was an interview with Brian Tracy that was featured on networks including Inc, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox.

Although meeting Brian Tracy and making a lot of great connections in the self-help / information marketing industry was a great experience, I also saw the dark side of the industry which motivated me to discontinue the book and walk away.

The self-help industry is overwhelmingly filled with “fake gurus”.  Individuals creating books and digital information on subject matter they have never experienced themselves.  For example, I met an individual teaching you how to earn $10,000/month selling courses when in reality, after my own clever interviewing tactics, I discovered he was making about $1,000/month and living off his wife’s corporate salary.  Another individual was teaching courses on how to earn 7-figures a year with these “5 simple steps” when in reality he was in severe debt with no income at all.  I also met a humbled individual who was trying to break into the information marketing industry but couldn’t cut it.  He had to revert back to his career as a videographer and continue to travel the country to make ends meet.  He came to a realization that releasing educational information should never be a “get rich quick scheme”.  It’s a long game that takes years of authentic content distribution.

I stepped away from this industry, wanting nothing to do with it at the time.  I told myself I may re-enter this industry only if I treat this as a long game.  I’ll publish value add content that truly provides value that is not manipulative and filled with false promises.

I’m sharing this story because I want to be seen as a real person.  I love investing and I found it to be a great way to create excellent work/life balance.  I’m not someone who enjoys working long hours, chained to a desk or stuck on time wasting conference calls.  I believe a lot of you feel the same way.  That’s why I created Payback Time to publish great content on the subject of not only investing but the creation of leveraged income.

I hope you find value on this website.  If there is anything I can improve on, please let me know.  I welcome your feedback.

Sean Tepper