Stock Review of the Day
Stock: SIVB (SVB Financial Group)
Summary: ON SALE

Score: 17/20
MOS: 79%
Share Price: $220
Sticker Price: $1,062

SVB or otherwise known as Silicon Valley Bank is a bank that specifically serves the startup and tech sectors. The bank has for main divisions: Commercial banking, venture capital, private practice, and investment banking. In other words, SVB provides commercial lending, services, and investments to tech startups.

The specific industries they invest in includes hardware, software, life science and healthcare, energy and resource innovation, and premium wine.

SVB was established in 1983 and went public in 1988. An IPO in just five years is impressive in itself. SVB has served over 30,000 tech startups and is now located in countries all over the world including the US, UK, China, Israel, Germany, and Canada.

They have cornered the startup niche and gained a lot of respect around the globe. SVB is on the front line to assist innovative companies that will change the world. From an investment standpoint, this is a great place to be.

SVB is ranked #10 on the TYKR TOP 50 ON SALE. The score of 17/20 shows this stock has excellent financials and the share price of $220 vs the sticker price of $1,062 shows this stock has a lot of room to grow.

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