Over the last week the stock market has become more volatile, especially NASDAQ stocks.  This is the time when a lot of investors will let fear take over which can lead to irrational decisions.

Your first step… Relax.
Your second step… Time to Stockpile

As mentioned on the TYKR FAQ page, Stockpiling is described as “You make money when the market goes UP but you get rich when the market goes DOWN.”

This is a contrarian thought process to the emotions of most investors but this is the most powerful technique for making money in the stock market.

Economic downturns don’t happen often but when they do, and you know how to capitalize on them, you can make a lot of money.  In fact, you can shorten your retirement timeline considerably.

Keep in mind, you can’t time the very bottom of an economic downturn which means you want to slowly buy as the market goes down.  I did this during the COVID-19 dip in March and then I was up 80% in August. 

Now I’m going to repeat the process with this new market correction. I like to buy ON SALE stocks every 5% – 10% drop of the S&P 500.  As of today, the S&P 500 has dropped 7% since it’s high on 9/2.

In other words, it’s time to start stockpiling!

Don’t miss out on great investments!


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